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Rated 5/5 based on 10 customer reviews
"I highly recommend anyone who needs physical therapy reach out to the Mayville, NY office of Chautauqua Physical & Occupational Therapy. The Mayville team were amazing to work with. They did an outstanding job of preparing me for surgery and assisting with my recovery! I am so pleased with my experience there. Should I need therapy in the future, they will definitely be who I call. "
Oct 03, 2021
"My appointments were always on time and 'action packed'. Dr. Lucas was always evaluating and plan ahead during the session. I am impressed with the quality of professionalism and high standards offered at Chautauqua PT &OT Therapy. I would recommend Chautauqua PT & OT Therapy to anyone in the need of Physical or Occupational therapy."
Sep 13, 2021
"Many thanks to the Mayville team (Jake and Karolee) I have used their services for several years. My last visits were to treat a herniated disk and sciatic down both legs. It took several weeks but they got me off my floor and moving mostly pain free. Their compassion and knowledge is what keeps me going back when I need help. They have always been able to give me exercises and stretches that I can easily do at home to keep things moving in the right direction. To top that off…I received a note from them today just to send me well wishes. Thanks guys!!"
Sep 01, 2021
"Superb operation overall Highly skilled. Well organized. Efficient. While still making it inviting and even fun. "
Jul 29, 2021
"After knee replacement surgery and at home physical therapy, I was discharged and needed to find an outpatient physical therapy facility. I took my wife with me as she has had several experiences with outpatient facilities. When we stopped to check out Chautauqua Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy she was pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness, staff, machines, and layout. I signed up based on her recommendation. I especially liked the individual attention,(They didn’t leave you to work with others) variety of exercises, knowledgeable staff, positive support, as well as keeping the mood light.The staff is engaging as well and deal with physical challenges professionally with competence. My knee rehabbed successfully and I am so pleased with the process and result."
Jul 22, 2021
"Physical therapy worked for me. Alyssa was great. Got my pain from a 8 to a zero. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help. Very friendly , professional and yhe one on one is great. Thank You Alyssa and everyone there. "
Jul 08, 2021
"Thank you very much Jared Pignone for your excellent care. My wrist is feeling much better with your guidance and care. It was a great pleasure to meet and spend time at ot with you. Your professional kindness was greatly appreciated."
Jun 17, 2021
"Best physical therapy practice in the Dunkirk-Fredonia area. Every person, including the support staff, was friendly and helpful beyond their stated position. Chris and Zach are great therapists, who really encourage their patients and individually design programs for you to achieve the most success."
Nov 16, 2020
"You can believe all the excellent reviews that are on here. Dr. Alyssa Settelmaier was kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable as well as just being an awesome person. I saw her 17 out of my 20 visits. The other 3 I had Mackenzie Carlstrom who was just as good and just as fun. She went out of her way to give me excellent treatment and tips. I actually miss going there and they definitely know what they are doing and will take care of you."
Nov 01, 2020
"CPT has been amazingly helpful in keeping me moving mostly pain-free. From the assistance for chronic low back pain and limited neck mobility to the more recent shoulder restriction and pain, CPT staff has provided me with exercises and training to alleviate the skeletal issues associated with aging. I tried chiropractic for several years with little relief. I recommend CPT to all my friends and acquaintances. I am proof this works. "
Mar 21, 2020


Everyone at Chautauqua PT is very friendly and professional. I felt very comfortable during my treatments and I learned how to manage my back pain. They don't keep you at a stage of needing to come back but rather teach you what to do to relieve the issues. They do it in a way that makes you happy to refer them to others and/or return for other needs. Thank you!

Janelle Krueger

Chautauqua Physical and Occupational Therapy is an excellent place to go if in need of therapy. Everyone is intelligent, kind and courteous. They know what's up! The lady that answers the phone is so courteous, kind and respectful.

RoseMarie Rizzo

Therapy was very helpful to me and my miserable nights. With Therapy I am able to sleep all night without waking up to terrible leg cramps. I still do all my exercises and it works.

Sue Tompsett

Great! I've spent a number of occasions with Chaut. PT/OT and you're always there to help. Everyone is very friendly and caring. I will miss you all. I always left feeling happy and it was a bright spot in my week.

Ashley Dominick

I am still doing my balance exercises. They have really made a good difference! GREAT!!

Julie McGill

I would recommend [CPT] to others and have on many occasions. A great experience. I have been several times for several different reasons and was always pleased with the outcome.

Larry Spangenburg

Very beneficial! I feel I have the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mark Alpaugh

An excellent experience. Originally went into therapy for my knees, 3 sessions into therapy, Pat Green, my therapist, discovered my source of pain was from my back, not my knees. What a relief to not have surgery on my knees. Feeling 100% at this time. Thank you, thank you.

Greg Winters

My experience with your facility was exceptional. They had me physically doing well in no time. I thank you all very much for your caring support. I have told several others that I highly recommend you if they need therapy.

Gilbert Pike

Thank you for a wonderful, polite and professional facility to receive physical therapy. : ) I was extremely pleased.

Heather Kyser

My experience was definitely beneficial. They were an awesome bunch of people that worked great with me to regain my strength back and it was successful.

Nicholas Caruso

This is a very good facility for the community. The therapists are extremely nice and very competent. The assistant and clerical staff are all great and very enjoyable to be around. An exceptional experience and my successful completion of this program is due in part to my hard work combined with the dedication and encouragement of Eugenie and Julie. Without them I would not have come so far!!

Carmella Ciancio

My experience was excellent. The treatment I received exceeded my expectations. All of the therapists are extremely knowledgeable and they all genuinely care about their patients. My progress mattered as much to my therapists as it did to me. Thank you Chautauqua Physical and Occupational Therapy for your dedication and devotion

Taylor Burkholder

My therapist was very courteous and considerate of the pain I was in. She was very helpful and explained everything about my treatment. It made my therapy much more pleasant with someone who was very kind and caring.

Bonnie Kelly

It was very comforting knowing I was going to be brought back to my strength to go back to work. It was very comforting knowing I was going to be brought back to my strength to go back to work.

Richard Widlund

I continue to brag about the treatment here as you have helped me so much. I wouldn't be as functional without your help. My experience with Chautauqua PT & OT was life giving! You've given me back function that I lost. Now I'm able to do so many more things. Ps. Amy and you all are very professional, supportive and empowering.

Monica Lett

This experience was well needed and the understanding of my injury and what therapy can do for a person is very remarkable. I have to admit that I was not a believer at first but with their professionalism it really worked for me.

Richard Baraiewicz

All of the people at Chautauqua PT were professional and helpful. Before going to Chautauqua PT, my feet hurt so bad all the time after being on my feet all day at work. Also, many nights I would be awaken with terrible foot pain. After 4 weeks of physical therapy, my feet are 100% better and my sleep is no longer disrupted from foot pain. Chautauqua PT went out of their way to accommodate my work schedule. Thank you Dr. John Susz for recommending me to Chautauqua PT. They're great!

Judy Hess

A very successful experience. Everyone was helpful and courteous. My therapist patiently answered my questions and explained things in terms I could understand.

Patricia Lundquist

My wife and I have nothing but deep praise for all of your staff! The woman who did the scheduling was fantastic! Thank you! It's amazing how far he has come in a short time.

William Covell

Very helpful and very professional. It now becomes a please to be able to walk around the supermarket and not have a painful leg.

Mary Ella Faust

I would definitely recommend CPT to friends and family. My therapist promptly evaluated and assessed my condition. They worked to strengthen my thigh and I plan to return after my ACL surgery.

Joseph Thoman

My experience was positive. I felt comfortable with Amy and looked forward to my visits. I left feeling better. She was very professional, knowledgeable and competent answering all my questions. Friendly and fun! Thank you, Amy.

Mary Miller

Physical therapy was rewarding and very therapeutic. My therapist was friendly and professional. She kept me informed of every step of my treatment. All of the staff are friendly and go the extra mile to make sure your experience is the most pleasant that it can be. I will miss everyone's cheerfulness.

Hope Furlow

After going to treatment, my symptoms would resolve. My experience way enjoyable. The time I spent at therapy was fun and I enjoyed the staff. I would come back for more therapy sessions if needed.

Robert Clark

It was one of the best places I've been to. Thorough and good. I've already told other people about how nice it was here and I'll always say that. They treat you well here and I'd come back if I needed to.

Joseph Burger

My experience was excellent. Always greeted and treated in a friendly and courteous manner. Therapy progressed each time and I feel it was very successful. I would highly recommend CPT. Wonderful staff!!!

Marlene Volpe

The greatest feeling of returning to my full capabilities. Feels like a real family here and I will miss you all very much. Thank you.

Brenda Dynys

My occupational therapy experience was exceptionally positive and beneficial. Amy helped me tremendously and I feel I greatly improved under her care.

Kathleen Anderson

Awesome experience. They found the problem, gave me proper exercises and got rid of my pain. It worked out great. I am going to say it again, GREAT!

Jon Rowe