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Quarantined 2020: Feeling the Blues

Depression. Sometimes we feel sad. Other times we feel more than just sad. Depression can attack us dressed up as many different monsters. Sometimes depression looks like sadness, other times it looks like anger. Sometimes it feels dark and hollow. Other times it is heavy and exhausting. Sometimes it gets us to the point of […]

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Embracing Your New Normal

I recently read a great meme on the internet that said “Mom, can we go out for dinner yet? I’m sick of eating groceries for dinner!” It made me chuckle. I laughed because I could relate to this on so many levels. I long for the day that I do not have to wear a […]

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Finding Your Joy Again

COVID-19. Probably a word that you have now heard one million times. A word that you may be sick of hearing, yet a word that you need to listen to. This one word, this virus, has most likely flipped your world upside down. Occupational Therapy. Maybe a word you've heard. Maybe not. If you haven't, […]

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