Ladies Only – Bladder Leakage and Pelvic Pain

Ladies Only

Bladder Leakage and Pelvic Pain

We are delighted to announce that:

Dr. Jamie Mangini, PT, DPT – Has completed advanced training to address women’s pelvic health and bladder leakage concerns right here in our Jamestown clinic.

Stress urinary incontinence, the most prevalent form of incontinence among women, affects an estimated 15 million adult women in the U.S. With this type, urine leaks due to weakened pelvic floor muscles and tissues. It can happen when pressure on your bladder increases -- such as when you exercise, laugh, sneeze, or cough. Pregnancy and childbirth can stretch and weaken a woman's pelvic floor muscles.

Ladies …. There is help. You don’t have to stop enjoying your life because of bladder leakage.

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